Big Island Maile and Tuberose

Triple strand of Big Island Maile and Tuberose

One of Lin's Lei Stands most prized leis

  • Fresh flora locally grown on the Big Island
  • 6' in length
  • Thick, full, and beautiful
  • Incredible scents

If you want a lei to show that you care a tremendous amount, look no further than Maile & Tuberose.  This lei is the embodiment of rich, exotic fragrance, and is one of the most special combinations offered by Lin's Lei Stand. This lei features the rarest fauna available on the Big Island of Hawaii: majestic Big Island Maile and fragrant Tuberose. Maile and Tuberose is freshly made, so please be sure to call us and place an order ahead of time to guarantee availability!

Maile and TuberoseMaile and Tuberose

The tuberose is a perennial flowering plant that is commonly used as a scent in perfumes. In Hawaiian, it is known as KupalokeThe tuberose flower is waxy and white, and produces an exotic fragrance that is often mistaken for gardenia.


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Care for your lei:

  • Place in a plastic bag and float it in water until needed