Kukui Nut – Red

Ti leaf, Red Torch Ginger, Song of India, Kukui Nuts, Clam Shells, Opihi Shells, Abalone Shells, and Cowry Shells artfully strung into an everlasting lei. Accented with a ti leaf rosette.

  • Fresh flora locally grown on the Big Island
  • Shells and nuts are polished to a sheen
  • Lasts over a month
  • Travels & dries well as a keepsake

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Care for your lei:

  • Mist gently with water
  • Place in a plastic bag
  • Store in the vegetable bin of your refrigerator

Additional Uses:

  • After this lei is completely dried out after a month, spray lightly with polyurethane. This will preserve the lei forever!
  • Looks great mounted in a shadow box
  • Hot glue around a picture frame for a lovely border