Buy Big Island Maile

A beautiful TRIPLE strand of fresh Big Island Maile, picked from the mountains and hand-twisted by local artisans.

  • Freshly picked from the Big Island
  • 6′ in length
  • Thick & full
  • Bestselling item – order early for guaranteed availability
Maile Lei

Maile is the traditional lei of Hawaiian royalty, and is still used today for weddings, graduations, and other special events. Maile is native to Hawaii, and typically grows at higher elevations.  Big Island Maile in particular has an especially sweet aroma that makes it popular throughout the state of Hawaii and beyond.

Our Big Island Maile leis are specifically harvested and produced on the Big Island by local Maile artisans who have spent a lifetime perfecting their craft. Then, each lei is thoroughly inspected for the highest quality and freshness. Each triple strand of Maile is 6 feet in length, and carefully twined together for an even thickness and fullness.

This lei is typically worn open, and is always the perfect gift to commemorate any occasion. Additionally, Maile can be wrapped with other leis to make a unique combination of colors and aromas. Our fresh triple strand Big Island Maile is one of Lin’s Lei Stand’s best sellers, so we suggest placing an order in advance to guarantee availability.

Lin’s Lei Stand is owned and operated from Hilo, Hawaii.

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Care for your lei:

  • Mist gently with water
  • Place in a plastic bag
  • Store in the vegetable bin of your refrigerator