Buy Single Purple Orchid Leis

Have a big event coming up? Buy single purple orchid leis for your guests!

  • Fresh flowers locally grown on the Big Island
  • Affordable & attractive
  • Lasts between 5 and 7 days
  • Good for large events

If you have an event, and need a lei for every guest, single purple orchid leis are exactly what you need. These leis are priced to be bought in bulk, are robust enough to survive events, and deliver a hugely pleasing appearance: the regal, luxurious look of purple Dendrobiums.

Dendrobium is a genus of orchid that grows well in tropical climates, and especially in the Pacific. These are hardy orchids that flourish in the summer, and become less frequent in the wintertime. The tend to have a mild, sweet scent, and remain pliable if properly hydrated. Dendrobiums make great houseplants, and their flowers make attractive leis. The Dendrobium orchids that we use in our leis come from local flower nurseries in Puna and Kaʻu. We use each orchid shortly after they are harvested, for optimal freshness. Each orchid is strung into 40 inch strands, packed, and refrigerated until you need them.

When you buy single purple orchid leis, your event gains a touch of the Aloha spirit, and your Guests will be sure to appreciate these simple, handsome leis. For large orders, please contact Lin’s Lei Stand a week or more in advance to guarantee a fresh supply of Dendrobiums. Also note that Dendrobium leis can be made with different colors, and to any specification – just call in and ask for custom orders!

Buy Single Purple Orchid Leis from Lin’s Lei Stand by placing an order Monday – Saturday: 7:30 am – 5:30 pm at (808)-935-5054 or at 24 hours a week. 

Lin’s Lei Stand is owned and operated from Hilo, Hawaii.

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Care for your lei:

  • Mist gently with water
  • Place in a plastic bag
  • Store in the vegetable bin of your refrigerator