Puakenikeni and Ti Leaf Braid Wrap

Puakenikeni and Ti Leaf Lei

A single strand of aromatic Puakenikeni and Ti Leaf Braid

  • Fresh flowers locally grown on the Big Island
  • Exotic scent
  • Lasts several days

Puakenikeni and Ti Leaf Braid Puakenikeni and Ti Leaf Braid

Puakenikeni is easily one of Hawaii’s most prized and recognizable flower. When first picked, it has a stark ivory shade, that slowly matures into a beautiful orangey goldenrod color as the days go by. It has a history almost as rich as its exotic scent, which lingers gracefully. Puakenikeni is a perfect lei for anyone who likes the vibrant, fragrant gifts of Hawaii. Puakenikeni’s availability year round and amazing scent makes it an easy recommendation for any event or occasion.

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Care for your lei:

  • Mist very lightly with water
  • Wrap lei in napkin & place in plastic bag
  • Store in the vegetable big of your refrigerator