Big Island Maile Lei

One of Lin’s Lei Stand’s best selling lei is also one of its most special: Big Island Maile Lei harvested directly from our Uka (uplands) regions by skilled craftsmen.

Maile Lei

The Maile Lei is easily one of the most beautiful, regal, and culturally significant lei that we offer at Lin’s, and is the premiere congratulatory gift in Hawaii. We take pride in only offering locally-source products, and distributing it throughout Hawaii and the Mainland.

Big stores around the State will offer inferior single strand, whereas our triple strands are HUGE, THICK, and very vibrant. This gift is perfect for weddings, parties, and funerals. Additionally, this lei can be wrapped with any to make an amazing combination! The leaves give off a rich fragrance that smells like the forrests from an untouched mountainside. When it dries, it can be kept as a keepsake & preserved forever as a memory.